5 Reasons why selecting TMT bars is important for Construction

TMT bars

5 Reasons why selection of TMT bars is an important consideration while constructing a new building

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The name Birla TMT Steel itself spells of trust and versatility. This alloy of iron and carbon has found its significance in both the sectors alike; housing as well as commercial buildings. Apart from being around since ages, it also takes pride in being the number 1 choice in every single era.

However, many might wonder as to what unique properties of steel bar makes it the most sought-after metal. So, here we go, with a full list of reasons on why steel trumps all its competitors,

Excellent on pocket:

Let us be honest, anyone looking for construction material looks out at budget as one of the foremost conditions, and luckily, Birla TMT Steel is known for its faster and financially efficient usage. Moreover, being an extremely durable and premium class material for construction, the cost of replacement and insurance also comes down significantly. Lastly, the adaptability and flexibility of steel bars also eases the alteration without an exponential added cost.

Absolute Versatility:

Do not be deceived by its hard and sturdy looks, because the modern steel technology allows it to be turned into any form and shape. In fact, there are certain steels that are lighter than even wood and can be carved with way more precision and ease too. And such steel ends up becoming even more favorable than concrete in construction sites.

And that is the reason, in the current era Birla TMT steel can be found everywhere, including buildings, tunnels, bridges etc. providing a stronger than before foundation to all the infrastructure around.

Support to Structures:

The most known and obvious advantage of TMT bars is the study support that it provides to all the structures. Be it foundations, columns, bases, or wall paneling, oftentimes one would find a single bar connected with others to maintain the stability.

Other than that, its unique design also reinforcing strength adds on to the quality of concrete, while advanced engineering of such bars strongly holds the concrete composition in place making it an excellent companion of concrete in every housing project.

Superior Ductility:

To simplify, ductility is nothing but the quality of any material to withstand the damage even after it has gone through multiple appearance wise deformations.

And such high ductility is the reason why Birla TMT Steel bars are always paired with concrete as bare concrete may go through breakage and damage due to its brittle and low ductile nature. So, to provide longevity to the structure, and resistance against bends and compression, concrete and steel together are more common sights.

Hasslefree assembly:

Another reason why steel is most chosen by architects and further contractors is that it can be assembled into place way faster; be it a construction of foundation, column, slabs, drainage etc, the buildup complexity reduces to none. In current times, there are two most common ways to assemble a framework of TMT steel- tying and welding, and a contractor can make a choice on which is the more suitable of the two.

However, the more widespread method continues to be Tying as it can be accomplished in much shorter time and lesser difficulty and hence is more observable around.

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