Know your steel:

Know your steel: Are you killing or building your steel?

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The most ambiguous and disputable issue faced by any architecture or constructor would be durability of the building. More often than not, such a durability and timeline of any building would depend upon the materials used, quality, and maintenance of the facility. Erosion and overuse without a proper check can take a toll on life and overall performance of the building.

All that said,  the first step to maintaining the longevity would be assuring the best material usage by the constructor; and the premium TMT steel bars  by far guarantees the quality of the foundation as compared to any other commercial material due to their inorganic nature. And today we will understand how to make sure that this premium material remains so even in the longer run.

Possible problems faced by steel buildings:

  1. Corrosion and fatigue: The most common problem that may cause early retirement and damage to steel structures is corrosion, moreover repeated stress can also lead to cracks and fatigue over time.
  2. Environmental damage: Steel structures can also get affected by extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, or even snow.
  3. Overloading: excessive loads beyond the design capacity of the structure can cause damage and failure.
  4. Poor maintenance: lack of proper maintenance, such as failure to address corrosion or replace worn parts, can lead to premature failure of the structure
  5. Fire: High temperatures can cause steel to lose its strength and deform
  6. Impact: sudden loads or impacts, such as from earthquakes, can cause significant damage to steel structures.

Understanding how to maintain your steel structure:

Though steel buildings face fewer issues compared to concrete or wood, and can outlive other structures. But without proper timely maintenance and regular care even the strongest of the buildings may get negatively impacted by moisture, plant rooting etc. resulting in structural cracks, wind damage etc. 

Well, Birla TMT steel bars are a good material and can easily withstand common deterioration, which does incur much lower maintenance problems. but , here are some ways to maintain and improve the life of your steel structures:

  • Wash regularly(at least once annually) and address the small damages in timely manner
  • Make it corrosion resistant by barrier coatings and readily available paints to isolate it from sun, wind, water that may cause corrosion
  • Even though Top TMT steel bars are non combustible but still going for fire retardant coating and insulation may further safeguard the building and increase its fire resistance
  • Another maintenance requirement is rust removal, to maintain the structural integrity of the building
  • A regular inspection could save a lot of trouble in future, any signs of damage or corrosion should be performed upon as early as possible.
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