8 Interesting Facts of Steel by Birla TMT Steel

Iron and steel are two main and crucial components that drive the economy’s growth. It’s one among the mandates of construction and manufacturing materials. Thus, it becomes important to understand about the Components of Steel and Properties/ Features of Steel. In this blog, we have discussed certain considerably interesting and uncommon facts regarding steel. In...
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Importance of Ribs on TMT Bars: Birla TMT Steel – Designed with Equal Rib Technology

Have you ever noticed the rings on steel reinforcement bars? If you closely examine the bars, then you’ll see rings on the bars’ body, which are referred to as ribs. And if you’re thinking these rings only enhancing the looks of the bars, then you’re wrong because the special Thermo Mechanical Treatment is vital to offer the very best strength to the buildings and any concrete structures, the ribs are...
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