List of Top 10 TMT bars Manufacturer in India

Here are the list of top 10 TMT bar manufacturers
Top 10 TMT bars in India

Top 10 Manufacturers of TMT bars in India | Best TMT bars

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What is TMT bars?

TMT means Thermo-Mechanically Treated, The TMT industry has grown in popularity and demand. India’s top 10 TMT bars manufacturer are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and superior performance.

TMT Steel bars are among the best materials used in civil construction. It is one of India’s most important industries. The industry is estimated to be growing due to increased demand.

It has extremely strong exterior cores with ribbed patterns that provide additional power and a soft inner core. TMT steel bars can withstand severe natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, and temperature changes and are corrosion-resistant.

List of the Top 10 TMT bars manufacturer in India:

Top 10 TMT bars manufacturer in India is:-

  1. Birla TMT Steel
  2. Sail TMT HCR EQR
  3. Jyoti Temporal SG Rebars
  4. Radha TMT 550D LRF
  5. Mild Steel ESSAR TMT Fe500D
  6. SRMB 500+ SR TMT bar
  7. Vizag TMT 500D
  8. JSW Neo Steel 500D
  9. Kamdhenu NXT
  10. Jindal Panther Fe500D TMT

Now Let’s talk about each of these TMT bars we mentioned above:

Birla TMT Steel Bars:

The Birla TMT Steel Bars are one of India’s top 10 TMT bars, manufactured and marketed by STPL at Kala Am. in Himachal Pradesh. They have emerged to become the first choice of Engineers over a few years while looking for the strength of the structure. These super-quality products have unmatched support from various dealers and manufacturers. TMT saria facilitate the spread of the brands in India successfully.


SAIL TMT HCR EQR is a TMT steel bar that positions among the main ten in India. It is very bendable, wieldable, and has high weakness opposition when exposed to dynamic stacking. It is profoundly impervious to consumption impacts and has high lengthening, making it ideal for RCC development in erosion inclined and tremor inclined zones. SAIL is the producer (Steel Authority of India Limited).

JYOTI Temporal SG Rebars:

One of the most incredible TMT steel bars in northern India is JYOTI Tempcore SG Rebars. Here, SG means S Grade. This TMT bar price and features have generally innovated in quality and conveyance. It shows predominant malleability, bendability, erosion opposition, weldability, and solidness. This organization has procured the ‘best TMT bar in Punjab.’ Madhav KRG Group is the producer.

Radha TMT 550D LRF:

Radha TMT 550D LRF is additionally remembered for India’s Top 10 best TMT bars until 2022. LRF represents Ladle Refining Furnace. The Ladle Refining Furna innovation is utilized to refine and decontaminate fluid steel during the development of Radha TMT 550D LRF. These TMT steel rebars have a higher prolongation rate, which implies they are more impervious to catastrophic events and other pressure factors. Radha Smelters Pvt. Ltd. is the producer.

Mild Steel Essar TMT Fe 500D:

Mild Steel Essar TMT Fe 500D is one of the country’s top ten TMT bars manufacturer. It has a higher tensile and compressive strength than IS standards. Soft Steel Essar TMT Fe 500D bars exhibit the highest quality of stress ratio (UTS/YS) while maintaining flexibility. Manufacturer: ESSAR Steel India Limited, a subsidiary of the ESSAR Group.


SRMB 500+ SR TMT BAR ranks among top 10 TMT bars in India. It is earth and corrosion-resistant and has the best and extraordinary shock absorption strength, resulting from its high ben factors. It can bear a great deal of weight with the power to absorb a great deal of pressure and stand strenuously as the best TMT bar collection in the state of West Bengal. SRMB Srijan Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer.


Vizag TMT 500D steel bar is one of the country’s top ten TMT bars. This TMT bars is highly regarded for its strength and consistent quality. It is one of the best-quality TMT steel bars with a lower carbon content than VIZAG TMT 500D rebars. As a result, the VIZAG TM bar is enlisted in India’s best TMT bars. Manufacturer: RINL (Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited).

JSW NEO Steel 500D:

JSW NEO Steel 500D is the purest steel grade available, containing the least sulfur and phosphorous. This TMT improves the TMT steel’s strength, elongation, and flexibility. JSW Steel Limited is the manufacturer.

Kamdhenu NXT:

Kamdhenu NXT is one of the best TMT saria available in India. It features a double-angle rib pattern that provides a strong interlocking bond with concrete paste. TMT Saria is one of the versatile forms of this TMT Bar. Due to its tensile, pliable, and strong properties can withstand earthquakes, heat, and corrosion. Kamdhenu Limited is the manufacturer.

Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT:

Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT is manufactured using a state-of-the-art online high-yield quenching mechanism with self-tempering technology. The Jindal Panther TMT is highly malleable and has a fine-grained core due to this technology. Jindal Steel and Power Limited is the manufacturer.

Find the best TMT steel bars with Birla TMT Steel, generally used for all construction.

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