Birla TMT Steel #ForNature

Birla TMT Steel - CSR Campaign #ForNature

Birla TMT Steel plants 500+ Saplings across India in the Span of 1 week

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To celebrate and do a small part for Mother Nature, Birla TMT Steel organized a Birla TMT Steel CSR Activity for World Environment Day i.e. 5th June 2020.

Birla TMT Steel launched the campaign Birla TMT Steel #ForNature – Do It For You! Do It For Mother Nature! and invited Citizens across India to participate in this CSR Initiative by planting a sapling in their House, Garden, Nearby Area or anywhere in the city in the lieu of a Certificate and Badge certifying every citizen as Birla TMT Steel’ Proud Green Indian who participates in this CSR initiative.

Birla TMT Steel #ForNature

Birla TMT Steel launched the Nation-Wide Campaign on 27th May 2020 and received enthralling response from People across India panning across Various Ethnicities, Cultures, Cities, Villages and States of India and belonging to various age groups, genders and occupations.

People participated with full enthusiasm and a few of them went an extra mile and planted saplings in bigger numbers. The CSR Initiative of Birla TMT Steel was perceived very well by the People across India and appreciated too. Below are a few screenshots from a few people who recognized and appreciated our initiative. (Insert Screenshots of Comments)

Why Birla TMT Steel #ForNature was organized?

The World Environment Day 2020 came during the tough times of COVID-19 where People across World saw the implications of our DOs for our environment in the past. There were other stories from all over the world talking about landslides, burning forests, animals being harmed, all in all, a lot of harm being caused to Mother Nature.

To the contrary, during the lockdown period across countries of the World, there were stories coming from various parts of the World about the Changing colors and conditions of Nature when Humans stayed indoors and couldn’t venture out for anything at all.

This says a lot about how our relationship with Mother Nature has been and also narrates how it should be.

Analysing all the above factors, We, at Birla TMT Steel initiated this CSR Initiative – Birla TMT Steel #ForNature to a do our small part for Mother Nature and involve people across our country and make them a part of this initiative and our Birla TMT Steel Family.

A Brief about the Company

Birla TMT Steel – Apne Desh Sa Mazboot is a TMT Manufacturing Company offering superior quality products and has emerged to be Engineer’s First Choice that can be trusted by them. When it comes to trustworthy construction material for buildings, our mind focuses on BIRLA TMT STEEL which offers a complete package of assistance in technology, quality and consistency for all our products.


Today’s consumers are highly attuned to whether the brand that they prefer belong to a management that has “responsible” citizens in the world, or not. Effective CSR gives you the power to stand out in today’s highly competitive and saturated market, and connect with your customers on a level that ensures long-term loyalty, and potentially even brand advocacy.


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