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8 Interesting Facts of Steel by Birla TMT Steel

Iron and steel are two main and crucial components that drive the economy’s growth. It’s one among the mandates of construction and manufacturing materials. Thus, it becomes important to understand about the Components of Steel and Properties/ Features of Steel. In this blog, we have discussed certain considerably interesting and uncommon facts regarding steel.

In the construction process, TMT Bars (TMT Saria) and rebar which are made from steel only are used. Thus, it also becomes one among the Essential Construction Materials out of all the specified Construction Materials that are needed within the making process of a building.

Some interesting facts being shared with you in blog below:

  1. We all attempt to devote our attention to the environment as we all are affected by major problems of global warming and other natural calamities. As we all know that steel never loses its properties during the recycling process also. Thus, it is often melted and casted into any shape as needed and also ‘n’ number of times.
  2. Kolkata’s longest bridge Second Hooghly Bridge which is that the longest bridge also is made using steel pylons 127.62 meters (418.7 ft) high. The steel utilized in the making of Second Hooghly Bridge weighs about 13,200 tones.
  3. During the summer season, The Eiffel Tower grows about 6.75 inches thanks to thermal expansion.
  4. Sir Henry Bessemer was the one that first developed the Manufacturing Process of Steel inexpensively within the year 2856 which ultimately led to the event of Bessemer Convertor.
  5. In the year 1897, the steel-framed car was introduced.
  6. Steel framed roofs are less impervious to termites.
  7. Steel is 1000 times as strong as iron in its pure form but at an equivalent time, it carries flexibility too which protects any structure better than iron. But one should also know the ideas on the way to Protect Steel from Corrosion.
  8. An integrated steel mill contains:
  9. Ironmaking (conversion of ore to liquid iron/ ore -> sponge iron -> liquid steel).
  10. Steelmaking (conversion of iron to liquid iron).
  11. Casting (solidification of liquid steel)
  12. Roughing rolling/ billet rolling (reducing the dimensions of blocks)
  13. Product rolling (finished shapes)

The above mentioned are 8 facts which will surely excite you to understand more about Steel. Steel is important not just for huge construction purposes but also for your home building and other retail purposes like an expansion of your home, roofing, fencing on stairs, etc. Stay tuned for more information with us.

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