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Best TMT bars in Andhra Pradesh: As we all know, the next gen of construction is high rises and skyscrapers. In a country like ours,  that has a huge population and limited land resources, high rises have turned from a luxury to a necessity.

In the last decade several high rises have been constructed for residential, official as well as hospitality purposes. Various renowned construction agencies, with their research, hard work and experiences, come up with different blueprints and constructions of beautiful and robust skyscrapers. However, TMT bars continue to be the backbone of all blueprints and constructions.

With the rise in competition, there are now a huge number of TMT steel bars manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh. Below is a quick guide for you to choose the correct TMT steel bars for your upcoming project in Andhra Pradesh.



 A typical high rise has various storeys that accommodate a large number of people or equipment or both. The TMT bars chosen for such buildings need to have high tensile strength so as to ensure the structural integrity and safety. Birla TMT steel bars are amongst the top 10 TMT steel bars in Andhra Pradesh, that will provide your high rise the required strength and weight bearing capacity.


High rise buildings require excellent quality TMT bars to ensure longevity. TMT bars are manufactured by specialized processes to provide a high level of strength and flexibility to the structure. TMT has cross rib formation that ensures that the concrete remains tightly bonded with the steel bars. Birla TMT bars go through various quality checks to provide you with the best TMT steel bars in Andhra Pradesh.


Fire safety is one of the most important norms specified by the Bureau of Indian standard for any construction. For a high rise, this norm has an even greater importance as lives associated with a high rise are much higher. During a fire outbreak, fire resistance of the TMT bars play a vital role as it may stop the collapse of the structure.


Typically, high rises take a long time in its construction. Moreover, complete possession and full fledged working take another series of years. After the much wait when a high rise is in perfect use, it is then expected to have a long life. With long life, comes wear and tear and corrosion of the steel bars which may lead to the collapse of the building. Many TMT steel bars manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh, including Birla TMT, provide improved anti-corrosion properties in TMT bars that ensure a long building life.


With increasing climatic and environmental changes many areas have experienced earthquake strikes or tremors. This makes it mandatory to keep in mind earthquake resistance while selecting TMT bars for a high rise. TMT bars have a unique process of manufacturing that gives them a high level of flexibility. Flexibility of TMT bars ensures that during an earthquake the building retains its structure so as to minimize the loss.

  • COST

For almost all the construction agencies and architects, cost is the most important factor affecting the purchase of steel bars. Birla TMT has one of the most competitive price lists against the quality and standards provided by them. This is why we are the most loved TMT steel bars in Andhra Pradesh.

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